Middle East Ped Pack

6 new peds made for Coffeycup's Middle east mayhem map, Wich you can find on his site by clicking HERE

Just so you know, these peds are not of usual quality, They share lots of textures, parts, faces, have no facial animations or expressions, there just simple basic peds to set the scene better of the map.


Made from coffeycups Earl ped,
Wich is made from coffeycups Earl driver,
Wich is made from a GTA3 ped



Belladonna Marie Concherto, From the game Thrill Kill, 

The textures are actully from the playstation game, so there the orignal textures I riped, the model, is a modified vertion of the secretary below.

Or if you never played thrill kill...
Yeah its an italian maid with a cattle prod. Wonder what stella thinks?

Sexy Secretary V2

busty secretary ped based on coffeycups female model, Skirt is kinda bad, is a very early ped from me..

Slight changes to text and such to make the scared face work better