Please Note:
All cars on this site are tested, and driven with NO APO upgrade, I can not say how the handling will be affected after upgrades.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup 1.1

-=Updated! Actually added the custom engine sound witch was supposed to be part of the mod anyway, Also added simple model that was missing, And a few items such as an easy skin base and fixes to some skins=-

As a replacement for the lost Ford roadster
Comes with plenty of other skins, wheels, license plates etc.
So go take a ride in a cool vintage around Carma.

1926 Ford Model T Woody Rat Rod

Quickly modelled ford woody wagon body using various parts from other cars I've already made, Including parts you may see in the Kenworth below,

Comes with alternate skins.

2005 Kenworth W900 Pack

Ok, so yes, I have gone a little nerdy with this one, putting engine specs, and engine types in the specs, But well, they all have different engines that were in the W900,
I figured we needed something other than semi trucks, There's lots of semi trucks not as many single unit type trucks so Here's one, and yes.. I kinda want to make a semi truck now too. Maybe next eh? a different truck, I have one in mind already actually.
Truck comes in 3 versions as you see, Each version has one alternate skin pictured below the truck that is located in the folder of the cars themselves. Enjoy.

1990 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Finally released my ZR1

Again tried hard on the interior of this one, and on the buts under the panels that come off, yah smashability is nice,
Read the readme for using different colors, and alternate roof types, Comes with open top, hard top, and glass top.

The actual model for this car was finished a month ago, but I have not got around to doing the smashable stuff until now.

1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible

I like this car, I really do, So its not as pointy as the 63 and quite a lot different from the 65 that I've already made (all be it in wagon form) Some people didn't like the fact it was only a wagon. they don't like wagons, so since everyone likes different things I've made this one in.... Convertible.. forum.. Only.

Hey if ya don't like it, Go make ya own hard top coupe Impala..

Comes with a regular version, and lowrider, Complete with driver, simple model, all the smashables, work side by side So grab it now, go crusin' with the top down. (because there's no roof up option this time)

2012 Mack Terrapro Low Entry

Pure racing machine for carma!

I was going to resist saying it but...


Here's a Mack garbage truck for C2, I tried to make the model detailed as I could in Cared, that in that crappy program, it crashed my crappy computer, that I'm still using because I cant get a new one because im still spending money on my crappy car, 

Some errors to point out, I seem to have missed mirroring one of the tubes that holds the pipes.. not major I'm sure most people will not notice, and I forgot to make a separate texture for the lights.. so they cant be smash able that sucks. The rest seems to work nice tho.. has the usual Carmageddon backwords wheel error with any 6 wheeled car.

Go try it out, comes with two alternate skins if you want a newer, or old and rougher look.

1996 daihatsu midget II

Yeah, Where ya seen this before.

I have a strange passion for kei cars, Nobody seems to know this, But I did put some effort into making this look right, lucky for me I had Gran Turismo, so I can get up close and personal to see how they made it.

This comes in Two versions as you see, but also with a large range of skins, wheels, extra parts, custom paintjobs, all kinds of stuff to mix and match in the zip file to really get that Japanese feeling of easy customisation. Even a tribute to the god of skins in there somewhere.. heh

'65 Impala ED Hunter 1.1

Remake of Heavy Impala. one of my other favorite cars, so Grab it now.
there really is not much more to say.

Now with improved handling physics!

1965 Chevrolet Impala Wagon 1.1

65 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon,

Now you can go to the store and everything, also its a 396.. Yeah,

Now with improved handling physics!

1941 Willys MB

Pack of cars made from a 41 Willys MB that was also made from scratch, Usual stuff, all smashables, simple model, working suspension, engine parts, all still there.
Included is:-
Dirty with roof
Ramraider (SP)

1947 Ford 8N

No idea why I made this.. I like tractors I guess?
This is totally useless, and it was only fun for me to make, Comes with three handling setups depending on how... Painfully slow you would like it to be.

Comes with 3 skins,

The usual ford white and red from 1947, the early 40s, plain gray body, and a blue ford, I don't know if the blue was an original color. But I've seen one, so it exists somewhere,


The car you forgot existed, in C2 interior fitted glory, Actually there's not really any interior, I just made a real simple one so you could look in the windows, The car uses the basic shape of the original cars body, everything else is remade from scratch.

'59 Caddy Fat Cat

one of my favourite Carmageddon cars, remade with one of my all time favourite real life cars (that you can find further down the pace)

I decided to go with the original and make fat cat... Not a pile of crap, or apoc car, But be a little rough around the edges just like the original. I like how it turned out, I hope you do to.

1959 Cadillac Eldorado

Finally got around to making one of my all time favourite cars ever, Comes with multiple skins, and an option for roof up or down.

Skins Included:

Black/Red Interior

Blue/Blue Interior

Brown/Black Interior

Pink/Tan Interior

Purple/Leopard Interior

Red/Red Interior

White/Red Interior

Yellow/Brown Interior

Or you could always mix and match your parts!

'47 Chevrolet Truck Hick Pickup

Original car was a ford, I remade it with a Chevy, I know there's going to be at least one person out there annoyed about that.

But still its an old truck so yeah.
I liked this car in C2, Didn't feel many other people did, Didn't really see it much from other people.. But then again I feel all of the C2 cars are less memorable. Does anybody even remember the name of the blue car with spurs on the front? I know I have to look it up.

Anyway Made from a 47 Chevy, Original car can be found further down in the Regular Cars section.

1947 Chevrolet Truck

Since an updated version of this same truck is also available exactly the same with fixes above, the download for this has been removed, There's no point having a Worse version here too,

1947 Chevrolet Truck,

Includes all the usual stuff you expect, And a new engine sound, So all of the Two people that are going to download this, Make sure you read the Readme file.
Allrighty then.


Forklift truck, Tried to make it realistic, But still a made up design using parts of any I found, side from one, front from another.. Still I Cant imagine there hugely different,

Rear wheel steering works, and its actully driveable too, stay tuned for a dumbass carmageddoney version in the future,

1990 GMC Sierra

1990 Sierra GMC Mega pack.

Why mega? Well its a 1990 GMC Sierram but this is a pack of 10 of them,

Ranging from utility vehicles, campers, modified cars, off roaders, apoc versions, etc, something for you will be in here, also comes with 3 skins per car, tho they were just a quick addition, cars designed to work with main skins, but if you ever want a change,

go to for pictures of all the different versions, and more screenshots, Damn that was hard work :/

1988 Nissan Pulsar Sportbak

One of my early attempts at real life cars, It seems that all I do now is make real world cars, but back then I did not, this must have been myt.. second or third real car? And the model is really starting to look dated..

But anyway, Updated textures slightly, touched things up, tweaked handling file, And added 3 additional skins now comes in the Gray that you see there, Red, Black & Blue/Brown