Yellow & Black F1

This classic utility truck now in yellow and black paintjob.

Blue Chevelle

Classic blue and white paintjob for the chevelle, Includes hood texture for interior view.

56' Mainline Custom

Custom skin for my Ford Mainline

Simple black and red with new rims

Includes new hood texture for Interior view

63' Corvette Custom

Custom Corvette, Black, new rims, removed bumpers, includes new interior hood virew, Much smoother textures than the failed attempted at getting red into carmageddon pallet on the orignal.

Fat Hog

Tierd of being a pimp? then be a rich texan, In this silver cadillac reskin for Otis's Caddy Fat Cat

Mercedes 300SL

Recolor, and slightly moded textures to turn the Merc, into a more realistic looking 300SL, in red, one of germanys most beautiful creations

All White OK

White ok Van\SUV
Well This is a mod.. Of another skin, I did a plain white bronco with no blades or nothing to. kinda make an OK Simpson skin.. Only looked to plain, so I removed the rear side windows, and turned the roof black, added some crap on the rear too.