C1 Pedpack

Mostly for mappers and stuff. Needs editing into game, intended mostly for use in new maps and addons.

Pack contains 17 peds

Baywatch Lifeguard, Bikini top girl, Hobo, Race Marshal, Business Lady, Biker Gang, Pit Babe (red) , Pit Babe (Blue), Pit Crew(Blue), Pit Crew(Black), Pit Crew(Green), Bikini Girl, Topless Indoor Ped, Fat Tourist, Swimsuit Tourist, Chicken, Spaceman.

Lady In Blue

This ped is meant to run alongside Ridgeracer ped blew if you have splat pack, Since she now IS used as a starter ped (and since it always felt weird with a bunch of race girls running around Aztec temples anyway) I decided to replace her with a more normalish blue dress girl.. So reidgeracer starts the race, blue dress girl replaces other girl in splatpack that was ridge racer.. Works in my mind. Edited version of her. took a little while to do. most editing I've done..

Replaces GER.PIX  - For splatpack, and carmageddon meld.

Ridgeracer girl

I know, some people did this already, But what they did was squash the sprites into the original flagman pixelmap.. this is a brand new edited pixelmap file, no stretching, no squashing fully working Replaces flag wavy man at start of game, Be sure to read the readme for altering the sounds to female.

Elvis Dude

Hey man. its the king... well no Its some guy in a yellow costume, It reminds me of the Elvis year in gold figure that I have so.. I have him big hair too (cant see it on black background there) Replaces HAT.PIX, Requires Splatpack

Blue Bikini

Blue bikini ped, Mod of the original, changed the green bikini to blue, also changed the back from, straps to a tie on... Because I like small details, slight mod in hair too, covers one eye,

Replaces BIK.PIX

White shirt guy, This was a test on changing peds and textures with my new pink pallet.. and it worked.. the pants are still black yet not transparent.

Replaces PER.PIX

C1 Secretary, Made this one long before the C2 ped actually.. but its been sitting around my old hard drive for years. never having been uploaded... Now released into the world. In my opinion seems to fit better than the weird looking woman in red.

Replaces PRS.PIX