Please Note:
All cars on this site are tested, and driven with NO APO upgrade, I can not say how the handling will be affected after upgrades.
All cars tested and made in mastros C1 meld

Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 600 V1.1

I am back in the C1 world Yeyah!, and this truck is allmost done (ok I forgot to add a simple model)
It has everything minus simple model, interior view, left and right interior, no functioning instruments tho, menue images, animated mugshot.

I made this after playing Euro truck simulator 2, ad you might spot I actully used some screenshots to create the interior, the game has a nice feture of being able to look around trucks in a blank setting, all textuers are ETS2 screenshots of my own truck,a 600bhp globetrotter. Yeyah.

1993 Aston Martin DB7

Not only DB takes textures from NFS, this is as clsoe to an NFS Conversion ill go.. still its back when it was about nice cars, not rice.

Interior view is basic, only one view, no speedo, tacho etc.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup Hotrod

Thirties Thursday.

I really.. Love hotrod pickups, these 1930s pickups are some of my favorite designs for cars ever. Tho ill never be able to aford one, the car you are looking at here sold for a cool $59,900. I really liekd it tho.nice to see a hotrod in a refreshing silvery blue, rather than in your face.

1932 Ford Tudor Hotrod

Thirties Thursday.

A hotrod!, yeah thats what it is, Pretty simple, most of the parts from this car were removed (I based this on a real car) I do like the simple minimal look, hardly any chrome apart from the wheels.. Personally if I were building a hotrod id go for more triditinal wheels. But I wanted to keep true to the real life hotrod I was making.

By the way the paint is soposed to be Burgundy. for those who think It came out too dark.

1951 M35 2½-ton

AKA the deuce and a half,
This was soposed to be green.. but well.. Unless its Bright green, like Kutter, Or the Ram Raider, wich is stil a fairly high hue lookign green, Carma Hates green,
So here it is in a kidna desert tan,

Started production in 1951 and... Still used to this day, showing if something works it dosent need fixing.

1951 Ford F1

Truckin Tuesday

Why Did I make this then? I dont know, I really do prefer the chevrolet trucks, like the 3100 if were talking this period, But still I saw this, had a nice look, made it, Very basic and utility looking.

1972 Chevrolet K20 V1.1

Truckin Tuesday

A truck that manages to be a head turner, But still keep that blue coller image, It looks cool, and did its job, One of my favorite designs these,

Also theres not many pickem-up trucks for C1 


No longer crahses game as opponent.

Interior mirror position corrected

2000 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible V1.1

Millennium Monday.

Yep I havent quit yet, And heres a little more rare item for ya, Again compleate with interior and all, Killing has never been so comfertable.


No longer crashes game as opponent.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Seventies Sunday

One of the most Iconic muscle cars of all time, I know a lot of people would like bright red, But I happen to like Gold and black ones.

1970 Buick GSX

Seventies Sunday

Like a chevelle But not,

This was also going to be the orignal car in driver at one point.. For those who wonderd.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Sixties Saturday!

Bas textures,

Day two is not going as well as I hoped.. Well theres allways tomrow 70s Day!

Youll know if your the kind of person who wants to download this or not... least Id hope so.

1956 Ford Mainline

Fifties Friday!

Mainline, Second car of the day!

Want a classic crusing car? You could have a belair... like every other classic car owner. Or try this stylish ford, its only the base model but theres tons of style from the best period in american automotive history!

Comes with interior view, dash, hood model, menue images, and grid sprite.

1956 Chevrolet Belair

Fifties Friday!

Belair! Some people liek the 56, some people like the 57, I am still undecided, I love both front end shapes.. Buutt. this was easyer to make. and there is allready a 57ish looking belair for carma.

Comes with interior view, dash, hood model, menue images, and grid sprite.

1996 Daihatsu Midget

Not as good as tosh But I still got it to work,

Apo really affects this thing in Carma, Buy the Cheat engien and watch it pull wheelies... then fall over out of controll.. But anyway Drive away today!.

Much lower poly than the orignal, The rear bed bars, mirrors, are all 2D textures now, Knocking hundreds of pollys off the model.

1988 Nissan Pulsar Sportbak

Lovingly converted to C1 by Toshiba3,
This car looks so much better in C1 than 2 for some reson,
Tosh added everything, New menue image, damage indicator image and such, Get now!