Please Read: All work on this site is created by me (mad Maxine) or modded by me and uploaded with permission from creator of original author. No work from this site should be re-uploaded, or modded and uploaded, or added to a mod pack and uploaded Without my permission, Most of the time I will be happy to let you use my work, Unless its for just mass car packs, or mods that remove features from my cars, So please even if you make fixes to any of the mods on this site, I need to be informed, Here in Carmageddon we have the greatest respect for other peoples work, I hope you do too.

I Will, report any thefts to owners/hosts of sites.


So It has been years. Updated. fixed some spelling stuff. Going to start adding new stuff here.

New for 2014,


It took longer than it should, but there we go, I got me a corvette ingame now... even tho someone else already made one at some point..

And, Demolition derby!, underway yeah.. tho nobody knwos about it. Check it out.

Holy crap I returned
For those who don't know 90% of stuff has been lost, But no real fears, I'm now motivated to make More stuff, Yes that does mean that 32 ford has disappeared into purgatory but I'm now making new cars again, Good thing is I uploaded my Kenworth days before that happened, so ill be able to snag that again and finish it off for yall, Today got a new 64 Impala released Go check it out in the C2 cars section. Also starting something new now today. Yeah!
Greeting my fellow Capitalist friends. I've uploaded an American garbage truck, With flag and all, I hope you all enjoy playing while not at your capitalist jobs in this utopia.
Not stopping the soviets, is Helping the soviets.
Yeah literally, Ok Woo look at that been a little while since an update, Well thanks to Demon I actually got around to finishing my hell map
Why don't ya go to the maps and bits section to check it out?


A-Car-A day has been done,

It was fun but tiering, Still I managed to finally make 11 cars within 7 days. yeah.. Go check out the C1 downloads section.

Now.. I need to go rest..

Underway in the Car a day challenge, Day three so far Lets see if I can keep this up,
Stay tuned for:

Fifties Friday - Done
Sixties Saturday - Done
Seventies Sunday - Done
Millennium Monday -Done
Truckin' Tuesday - Done
World War Wednesday - Done
Thirties Thursday - Done

Yes I did start on a stupid day, So what!?
Holy!, Ok everything broke for a while but We is are open now!


Look at this, a new site, with fancy... site like things.

Yes I’ve made a new site, to host all my new mods. Everything here is fully finished. With smashables, working parts, simple model, correct handling, all peds are fully finished, tested, maps are tested, etc, etc Here’s the place for all the best quality stuff I have to offer!... Still not as good as Eco-brick.


Enjoy your visit!